How African Influencers are Leveraging Social Media To Build Big Business

Remember those early days of social media, filled with endless friend requests and questionable fashion choices documented on MySpace? Yeah, things have changed a lot since then! What started as a way to connect with friends has become a powerful platform for creativity, connection, and even building a business.

Introducing the new wave of African influencers—online entrepreneurs sweeping social media with their viral content. These passionate creators are using their voices and unique perspectives to build massive followings and, in turn, thriving businesses.

We are talking about everything from fashionistas with killer styles to tech gurus dropping knowledge bombs to comedians leaving us in stitches. One doesn’t simply watch their content without hitting the like or subscribe button.

How have African influencers made use of social media platforms to build massive businesses? Read on to find out!

The Rise of the African Influencer

Gone are the days of Hollywood celebs and silver screens. Social media has brought fame and popularity to the doorsteps of ordinary individuals. Just like all over the world, in Africa, social media has given birth to a new kind of celebrity: the influencers.

These ordinary people have used the power of social media to take over platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, racking up followers for fun. Each influencer brings a unique flavor to the table and looks to appeal to a specific target audience. From tech wizards to fashion lovers to fitness instructors, these seemingly ordinary individuals have built a following and turned their hobbies into successful careers.

The loyal following has become a launchpad for African influencers to do more than entertain. They can partner with brands for sponsored content, recommend products they love and get paid for them, or even create their own businesses.

It’s all about using their amazing content to build a community that will not only support them but also assist them in earning a lot. Given below are some of the ways African influencers have leveraged social media to build big businesses:

Affiliate Marketing

You must have come across your favorite YouTuber promoting a product and then asking you to use the link in the description to purchase the same product for yourself. That’s called affiliate marketing; influencers promote products they love and use on their social media platforms.

As marketing partners, they associate with the producers of those goods. The influencers are given an affiliate link to promote. Every time someone orders the same product using this special link, the influencers earn a commission.

Brand Deals & Collaborations

Why should the big brands seek out TV celebrities for brand deals when there are influencers in Africa with a similar following and reach? After all, the movie stars would want a hefty fee, let alone the cost of shooting a commercial.

Instead, big brands are choosing to collaborate with African influencers. From fashion giants to tech companies, brands are partnering with influencers to create sponsored content that reaches a targeted audience. Brand deals have become so common among influencers across the world that companies have started to make influencers their brand ambassadors. Now, that is the right way to leverage social media, if ever there was one.

Building Their Own Businesses

There comes a time when an influencer earns a fortune big enough that they think about elaborating their brand into a tangible business. You must have come across make-up influencers introducing their own products or social media fitness instructors introducing their own diet and exercise plans.

African influencers are doing the same; regardless of the field of social media they are part of, a vast majority of influencers have designed their own products. Having a loyal fan base means these products sell like hotcakes and are always out of stock. Talk about leveraging social media to start businesses.

What Does the Future Hold for African Influencers?

The future is bright as far as African influencers are concerned. With the integration of social media in all walks of life, be it professional, educational, or personal, African influencers will likely add to their already achieved success.

For the time being, the traditional business world across Africa hasn’t warmed up to influencers. That is inevitably going to change within the near future, as it has across the rest of the world.

When influencers finally realize their true potential in the African business realm, they will only be more successful due to the communities they have built and the following they have mustered up on their social media platforms.

Final Thoughts

Influencers in Africa have gained a great fortune by leveraging social media platforms. Not only have they stepped foot into the business realm, but they have also been extremely successful. There is more to come, though; as the traditional companies come to terms with the power these influencers hold, the businesses will only grow tenfold.

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